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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Most Beautiful Women in Sport

The Most Beautiful Women in Sport

Let’s close our eyes and pretend for a moment. It goes without saying that sport divas are the most perfect physical specimens on the planet Earth. Of course good looks and a super body are not everything but I’ve had my ideas on who are the most gorgeous of the bunch. Sometimes it happens that you run out of adjectives for ‘beautiful’, but not in this case. See if you agree with me. Bet, these women are the most appealing and charming ladies one can find in the world of sports so far today!

Allison StokkeAllison Stokke
The dazzling, super talented and extremely strong Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter. Not only does this high-flying athlete have the looks, but also she has the brains. She received a Master’s degree from Cal Berkeley. But let’s return to her form which is beyond dispute – flawless. Allison has an unshakable concentration as a vaulter. Years of constant training and exhausting hours spent in the gym and on the track made her body killer athletic. She is certainly a shoe-in for our top list.

Antonija MisuraAntonija Misura
She is the most stunning basketball player to ever lace up sneakers. Misura is widely known as the most beautiful sportswoman from Croatia. She never fails to turn heads when playing basketball, not only because of her being an outstanding team player but also because of her charming beauty. So thank you, London Olympics, for giving us a chance to meet this basketball dreamboat.

SharapovaMaria Sharapova
Without a doubt she is the most attractive tennis player that’s ever played the game. Her game impresses with strength, endurance and an incredible focus to achieve victory. She looks stunning off the court as well, and honestly, she is equally beautiful inside and out. Maria possesses excellent fashion sense, tremendous charisma and a cheerful personality. Unfortunately for her haters, Sharapova doesn’t have to try hard to look good. Her hair is perfectly straight, naturally blond, and she barely needs any makeup as if she knows some magic beauty secrets. She is truly blessed with natural good looks.

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