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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3D Street Art

Graffiti...Art or Crime? Well whatever you think, in the pictures below are some seriously cool pieces of art. Check out these 3D street art pictures....

Whether it’s in chalk or paint, on walls or the street, represents a new way of combining the mastery of Renaissance art techniques with the gritty, ephemeral qualities of amazing street art.

These 3D street artists gives graffiti a whole new meaning – one that departs from the conventional interpretation of graffiti as vandalism in the form of images and letters scrawled on public property.

View video of 3D Street Art

Artists like Kurt Wenner, Eduardo Relero and Tracy Lee Stum create street art that’s so incredible it is almost impossible to pass by without being sucked in to the worlds they create on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

3D Graffiti Video
This video shows how they create the cool graffiti 3D effect
Regular Graffiti not doing it for you - Check this out!
Looking for something a little more up-to-date than spraycans and brick walls? Perhaps you should direct your attention to the artist known as DAIM and his recent project creating real-time graffiti in 3D. By utilizing a multi-camera scheme, DAIM is able to smear virtual paint across an empty gallery space using special handheld markers which are tracked by proprietary (we assume) software, calling the project "Tagged in Motion." A picture says a thousand words, and in this case, a video says about a million!

How It Works - 3D Real Time Graffiti Video
This is just too cool!

Most graffiti is illegal...as this cool advert nicely puts it!


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