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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Identifying Fake Lion / Tiger - Claws / Nails

How to Identify a Fake Tiger / Lion claw sold in the black market

Hi First of all I am not ashamed to tell you that I had been conned by some gypsy at Thiruvannamalai – a city located in India (Thiruvannamalai).

I had this craze about tiger claws and I wanted one to be made into a pendant to show off. So I had to find a source to buy the tiger claw. And being one form Tamilnadu I knew that only the gypsy tribe (Nari Kuravar) had such things in possession. A friend of mine told that I can find these gypsys in thiruvannamalai city when the Girivalam (the pilgrimage around the holy mountain of thiruvannamalai) takes place. So I bought the so called tiger claw from him which had a foot(paw) attached to it. It looked so real that I believed that it was true. I bought the stuff for 600 Indian rupees equalant to 10$ U.S or 6 british pounds.

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