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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Things That Can Take The Stress Out Of Your Wedding


Sometimes, even a fleeting thought about your wedding day can be a stressful event in itself. So, if you can’t afford a wedding planner or you’ve decided to take it on yourself, here are a few tips to help you calm your nerves.

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Knowing that everything has been thought of well in advance, approved, changed and approved again and is now in place, will help you to know that your day will go smoothly. There are a range of online and app form wedding planners, so in case you don’t have an actual person to think of everything for you, then there’s an electronic version instead. Usually free, it can help you deal with every aspect of your wedding, from invitation tracking to seating plans.

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Though making it yourself is a money saver, unless you have hoards of helpers, it can be a massive black hole with regards to time. Especially when you want save the date cards, invitations, menus, programmes, etc all in the same theme. Have someone make the stationary and relieve the pressure of deadlines, shoddy workmanship and unimpressed guests.

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Anxiety about walking down the aisle (or the processional) with everyone watching can be quite overwhelming for some. To alleviate some of the stress, consider walking down with flats on and that way you know you won’t fall or stumble. You can change into something with a heel a bit later and show them off then.

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The speeches can be among the most stressful moments for those in the wedding party leading up to the wedding. Perhaps it’s your shy, gentle father or two best men, or someone who doesn’t traditionally make a speech at a wedding, but everyone get’s at least a little bit nervous before their wedding speech. What can make it particularly nerve-wracking is the fact that you’ll want to move people, whether that’s to laughter or tears. If you’re not a writer, or a particularly good public speaker, then consider hiring a speech writer. Always make sure they have good testimonials, and remember that you don’t have to read it if you don’t think it’s good enough. For a good speech writer who will get to know you and what you want to convey, and consult with you on it, visit www.greatspeechwriting.co.uk.

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