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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cool Looking Hario TCA-5 Vacuum Coffee Maker

Hario TCA-5 Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker

I’m no coffee expert and all coffee brands pretty much tastes the same to me. I can tell you if it tastes good or not but when it comes to the blends and how long it’s been roasted for, I’m pretty clueless. Our writer, Gina, loves her coffee and she will soon be reviewing the world’s strongest coffee. To be honest, I probably enjoy the smell of coffee more than the actual taste. While we wait for the world’s strongest coffee to arrive in the mail, let me show you guys this pretty sweet looking coffee machine.

The Hario Bonimac Siphon Coffee Machine or also known as a vacuum coffee maker is a great looking device that is sure to be a conversation piece at your home. The vacuum coffee maker was invented in 1830 and they were quite popular until the 1950's or so. It generally takes a bit more effort to brew a pot of coffee using a vacuum coffee maker but it results in a more clear brew and better tasting cup of coffee.

The Hario TC-5 Vacuum coffee maker comes with a soot free alcohol burner, a lower glass bulb, and an upper container for the coffee grounds. To use the device, you basically fill the lower bulb with the right amount of water while the upper compartment holds the coffee grounds. Once you have the water and coffee grounds in, place the alcohol burner under the water to boil the water. Once water begins to boil, the steam will rise to the upper container, mixing with the coffee grounds. Once all water has risen, mix the water and coffee grounds in the upper container. Once mixed, remove the heat source from underneath the bulb and the brewed coffee will makes its way back into the lower bulb for you to enjoy.

The Hario TCA-5 Vacuum Coffee Maker is only $110 which is a pretty good price. Not only that but the coffee maker actually looks pretty cool too. You can feel like a chemist while brewing your morning coffee.

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