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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Come on Down! The Best (Worst) Game Show Answers

terrible game shows

Despite my being a well read 21st century man who has no need for television, I do find myself missing it from time to time. Now it’s not the cliched stories, or the overblown acting of your nightly drama tale. I’m also not interested in the myriad reality shows, or talent searches. No, what I miss is the game show. It’s that quintessential American past time of watching people being put on the proverbial spot. Ticking clocks, rapid fire answers, and the pressure of the crowd. It all makes for a glorious show.

Now of course it isn’t all that excitement for the contestant that gets me riled up for a good game show. It’s the unscripted aspect of the responses from the contestants of the show which makes it a great. Just look at this video, there must be at least 30 years of comedy shown in this one bit and that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Betty White, you patient… patient woman you. How did you manage to put up with this for all those years? She’s a stronger woman than I am…

That’s is ladies and gentleman is pure comedy in it’s most base form. A couple of people caught off their guard and letting what they really think to the surface. It has to be some of the best programming on television (at least today.) No script, no cliched plot twists, no cliffhangers or fades to black. This is the truest form of T.V.

I suppose the reason I loved these so much was because of the nature of live television. In between all the moments life could happen. You couldn’t polish a scene, or take something back with video editing. People worked with what they had, and what they had was brilliant! So here’s a toast to a bygone era, of new cars, spinning oversized wheels, and most importantly the unexpected.

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