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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arnette Sunglasses – Past, Present, and Future

arnette sunglasses

The world of action sports is all around us. It’s Parkour that gets me going, but the media is full of guys spinning their boards 20 feet in the air on ESPN, and jumping motorcycles over insane distances during New Years Eve events. Much like the athletes, the gear they wear is a part of modern culture. More than 20 years ago, before all the mainstream hype, Arnette was one of the first eyewear companies to help define this scene.

Arnette came to life in 1992 in a one car, Orange County garage. One of the original sunglass brands to support guys on boards and wheels, they quickly became the chosen shades for people that lived the action sports lifestyle. Models like the Raven, Black Dog and Catfish were standard issue for anyone that was a part of that world. Twenty+ years later, Arnette continues to live by the mantra that doing things your own way, and having fun while doing them, is the best way to live.

catfish sunglasses

One of the latest innovations to come out of Arnette is something called the Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.), which is a group of sunglasses that come with interchangeable arms that you can swap between different models. Tim checked them out in July and one of the best things about them, besides the overall style, is the unique tab and sleeve system that prevents the hinges will from becoming loose or breaking during repeated use.

They just released two new A.C.E.S. models, the Witch Doctor (seen below) and the Dropout. Just like the other A.C.E.S. gear, they come with extra interchangeable arms that you can swap between other models. Certain Witch Doctor and Dropout frames also come with Arnette’s Fuzzy or Inked treatments. The Fuzzy colors have satiny soft frames that look and feel great. If super-limited-one-of-a-kind is your thing, the Inked colors are made using a dispersal process so no two are alike, just like a snowflake.

witch doctor sunglasses

Snowboard season is here and Arnette’s got a deep heritage in goggles too. They’ve been making goggles almost since their beginning and their newest model is definitely opening things up… literally. Dubbed the Skylight, it provides an unobstructed field of vision via their No-BS (Blind Spot) design. The signature F#%G OFF! anti-fog lens coating, combined with the Cool Breeze venting system keeps things fog-free and comfortable as well. The Skylight doesn’t have GPS or email capabilities, but it is designed to help you have a great time out on the hill with your buddies. Simply put, it feels great on your face so you can make the most of your time on the hill.

arnette skylight snow goggles

It comes in basic black and white (seen above), but also a slew of bright colors and patterns sure to please any color combo you’re rocking on the slopes.

There are always guys who want throwback gear, whether they’re wearing NBA jerseys or cruising on an old school skateboard. By popular demand and to celebrate their two decades of style and creativity, Arnette has brought back their iconic Catfish sunglass late last year. The new Catfish has a retro-Arnette logo, in four colors and will be available in limited quantities worldwide.

What’s in store for Arnette? Great design and creativity never go out of style, so whatever it is, we can’t wait to see. Check out the latest from Arnette online at www.arnette.com and plug into their Facebook page for contest, and regular updates http://www.facebook.com/arnette.

[Photos by David Cintron and Arnette]

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