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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LOOK: Does This Dog Have The Coolest Fancy Dress Outfits Ever?

There are dogs... and there are dogs with fancy dress outfits.

And there are dogs with fancy dress outfits... and there's Echo.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, meet Echo the Boston Terrier - who began her "costume frenzy" (her owner's words, not ours) back when she lived in Savannah, Georgia.

"We had no idea what it would turn into," says Kristin Kittle, Echo's owner/stylist/costume designer. "Each year, we spend a few months brainstorming ideas, researching fabric, props, etc, and then decide on her costume." (We assume that by "we", Ms Kittle means her family, not her and Echo.)

"The process of creating it is trial and error," she continues. "I begin by taking basic measurements, drawing out a pattern and cutting the basic bodice of the costume, depending on the overall look we are going for. Then it's a series of trying on, re-pinning, and so on.

"When the final product is fully tweaked to allow her optimal movement and comfort, we focus on her 'set'. The costume is a huge part, but what really sells the idea is the context of the picture."

And to see what she means, just take a look through our slideshow of Echo's favourite costumes - complete with 'sets':

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