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Thursday, December 13, 2012

LOOK: 50 Comedy Christmas Gift Ideas

It's the time of year when newspaper supplements are full of Christmas shopping advertisements guides, such as 'Gifts For The Man In Your Life', 'Gifts For The Woman In Your Life' and 'Gifts For The Cat In Your Life (Don't Worry, We're Sure You'll Have A Partner Soon)'.

Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, however, we like to think that comedy transcends gender - if not species - and, as such, we have compiled a list of comedy Christmas gifts that can hopefully be appreciated by both sexes.

And by 'comedy Christmas gifts' we do, of course, mean: comedy films, books, CDs and stand-up DVDs. Not these sorts of comedy gifts.

So if you're after some shopping inspiration, click through our guide to some of the biggest and best releases of the year. We're sure you're bound to find something you'd like to buy for yourself, too - so go on, treat yourself! It's what Jesus would have wanted.

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