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Friday, December 21, 2012

iAcquire Cook Up Some Tasty Link Building Recipes

It is that time of year and most are hoping to receive some awesome gifts from someone. Unfortunately, as SEOs we often do not get the things we really need - like links, for example. But not this year... this year, we are being given 12 amazing little content gifts from iAcquire! Each tip, or gift, looks like a holiday card and it offers an idea on obtaining new links.

12 Days of LinkmasiAcquire has started a series called “12 Days of Linkmas”. It is an entertaining series of beautifully designed "christmas cards" that gives a little gift of great link building advice every day. Each 'concept card' is followed by a 'recipe card' of ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to obtain links based on the idea. This simple to follow format is invaluable!

Rand Fishkin was the first SEO featured in the series and he explains how to reach out and do for others before you start asking for help. This particular tip spawned off a ton of ideas for my business. Ross Hudgens explains how to find influential users on Twitter, gain their attention and use these connections to obtain links. He also offers a list of useful tools that everyone should be aware of.

Megan Brown breaks down a really fantastic strategy using time constraint. Personally speaking, as a publisher and a blogger, I found her tip particularly handy.

Michael King, of iAcquire (and possible mastermind of the initiative) points out that outreach is often cold and impersonal, which may be why so much of it is ineffective. Michael gives away a really great idea on how you can create an outreach strategy that will ensure you are seen, heard and appear to be a valuable prospect. Don’t miss it!

I won't tell you today's tip - you must check it out for yourself on the iAcquire blog.

A little bird told SEW who else we can expect to hear from over the next 10 days, but we have decided not to tell you as that would spoil the magic. 

Now, if they could just send us a chocolate everyday, then it really would be a perfect sort of advent calendar for an SEO!

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