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Thursday, December 13, 2012

20 Amazing Royal Baby Facts

It's the event of the century!

Yes, a female member of the royal family has conceived. And as well as offering our heartiest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we feel it's only right to enlighten you, the peasants, with a few fun facts you may not have known about royal babies.

Read on to find out more about royal protocol, royal baby names and so much more...

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Until 1956, all royal babies were kept in cages.

Male royal babies are forced to wear dresses until they are at least 16.

All royal babies get their names by combining four names popular during the Victorian era with the name 'Windsor'. For example: the royal baby pictured here was named Elizabeth Arthur Mary Henry Windsor.

One in 500,000 royal babies is born to a clown.

Royal babies are taught the royal wave from a very young age...

...but it can take some royal babies at least two years to perfect.

It is unusual, but not unknown, for royal babies to break the law. For example, here was Prince Edward leaving Wormwood Scrubs, where he spent time for pickpocketing a jockey.

All royal babies look like the young Winston Churchill - a fact which endlessly amuses their families.

Amazingly, some elderly members of the royal family have never seen a baby before.

Royal babies are encouraged to pursue their passions from an early age. For example, Prince William here loves dancing.

It can take some royal babies a long time to understand where the photographer is.

Royal babies are surprisingly flexible.

Incredibly, some royal babies are afraid of heights.

It is impossible to guess the sex of a royal baby from its attire.

From a very early age, royal babies have their sights set very high for them.

Royal babies grow up in the grounds of fairytale castles, where they vie for attention with corgis.

Royal babies are encouraged to drive their own prams at a very early age.

Royal protocol insists that new mothers must always wear hats when in the presence of their babies.

Only one in 50,000 royal babies is born ginger.

Everyone is happy when a royal baby arrives.

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