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Saturday, August 27, 2011

hot fans

Girls of World Cup 2010

The soccer South Africa world cup 2010 is in full swing and here we celebratecool picturesof girl fans from around the world getting into the spirit of the beautiful game and supporting their countries in the tournament. Football or 'soccer' truly is an amazing spectacle! We will update this page during the competition with more pictures of girl fans so stay tuned.

Larissa Riquelme - Paraguay Fan

Larissa Riquelme has become a World Cup pin up after these pictures were shared across the web.
Shes a lingerie model - just check out these  Larissa Riquelme pictures 

She said she will run naked if Paraguay wins the World Cup. They have to beat Spain in the Quarter Final to progress. Lets just hope she does it anyway and you'll see the pictures on here! 

Nice high heel football boots! 

Sweden pictured below are not in the World Cup and oh how we miss them!

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