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Friday, May 6, 2011

What to Do with Leftover Beef

We sliced an enormous amount of ribeye thinking that our family was going to devour it at the Christmas dinner. We totally overestimated their beef eating power and are now left with about 2/3 of what we sliced. That is A LOT OF BEEF.
So our friend had an excellent idea how to turn the Remains(beef) into a potential.
We went grocery shopping at our favorite asian supermarket. And we  picked up some yakisoba noodles  and some sweet chilly sauce for dinner… and yes, we added sliced beef.
Prep, Yakisobatop: notice the home Chef"s near perfect julienne skills 
 middle: m.o.r.e. b.e.e.f.;
 bottom: fun stir fry action shot and we added some seasoning and some sweet chilli sauce.
And the Result - We had a perfect Stir fry beef noodles for dinner.

Mmmmmmmmmmm... Yummy.

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