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Thursday, May 19, 2011

“Kube Hotel” Paris

The “KUBE Hotel”, is a new kind of hotel that transforms and reinvents the codes of hotels, combining technology, luxury, innovative concept and design totally unique and offbeat. Upon your arrival you will be surprised and ecstatic in this vanguard atmosphere, with the reception located in the yard and installed in a large glass cube!
The “KUBE Hotel” is well known, thanks to his exuberance and elegance in decoration. Located in a small alley in the heart of the 18th arrondissement, it opened its doors in late 2005 and has 41 rooms.
The room combines technology, design and comfort. You can find any advanced technology, such as flat screen TV, DVD player, mini radio, free access to internet and air conditioning. However, one important point and rather revolutionary noted, is the absence of key or electronic card to open the door of your room. Indeed this is controlled by a digital fingerprint scanner, so no risk remain locked out or misplace your key or card room!
A special feature is the presence of a room full of ice known as “The Ice Cube Room by Grey Goose.” This room will give you the opportunity to experience something of unprecedented and unusual, after falling asleep at -10 degrees in an ice bed covered with animal skin! But that’s not all, because this room is full of surprise, especially for these future customers, in order to impress them.
The bar and restaurant are really important in the establishment with a warm, stylish, modern and casual. In staying at “KUBE Hotel” you will also discover the first Ice Bar in France and thus live a unique and unusual experience, sipping cocktails at -10 degrees! However, since September 2010 the Ice Bar changed, it was transformed into a replica of “KUBE Hotel” room so you can see his bathroom, lounge, bar and bedroom, frozen in more than 20 tons of ice!
Those unable to book at “KUBE Hotel” can be reassured, because the Ice Bar is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday between 19:30 and 1:30 for a period of 30 minutes, because after 30 minutes it’s you, who might be frozen!!!
1-5, Passage Ruelle
18e Arrondissement
75003 France

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