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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cannibal arrested in Moscow

Moscow, May 17 (IANS/RIA Novosti) A man suspected to be behind the appearance of dismembered body parts across Moscow in recent weeks was arrested early Tuesday morning after half-eaten human innards were found in his home, police said.

Police found a stew made from a human liver in the fridge at the suspect's apartment in east Moscow. They believe the liver to be part of the same body as various dismembered body parts found scattered around Moscow in recent weeks.
The decapitated head of a middle-aged man was found in the Moskva River in the west of the city Wednesday.
An arm - severed at the wrist - was pulled from the water under a bridge in south Moscow's Tsaritsino Park May 2 and two feet were discovered floating nearby in the Moskva River on the same day. A hand and another arm were later discovered in the same area.
Police believe the suspect killed his friend and tried to destroy the evidence by severing the body parts and hiding them around the city.
'Detectives established the identity of the dead body by taking fingerprints,' police spokesman Alexei Savelyev said. 'After that police tracked down the suspected offender through a circle of the deceased's friends.'
The suspect, whose identity was not disclosed, has a history of mental illness.

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