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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wunderland - Amazing Miniature World

Cool pictures and videos of Wunderland, the largest miniature railroad in the world. Miniatur Wunderland, located in Hamburg. Just looking at the cool pictures and videos below of the Miniatur Wunderland, a $10 million, 9,600 square foot train set, you may mistake it for a living, breathing place! This is so cool!

Several places, in fact, including its native Hamburg, and America (complete with an Area 51), Scandinavia and Austria — all painstakingly recreated down to the major landmarks, working traffic and ships and, of course, trains. Soon there will even be an airport. It's all part of an expansion planned for 2014, that will see Miniatur Wunderland add 36,000 feet of track to the almost 30,000 feet already in place, as well as doubling the set's $10 million price tag.

It took 500,000 working hours to build, going from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden to North America, through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland—complete with the Grand Canyon, 20-foot tall Swiss mountains, and:
  • 800 trains.
  • Over 10,000 train cars in total, running several hundred kilometers every day.
  • One train is 47.5 feet long.
  • Over 170 computer controlled cars.
  • More than 200,000 people (there's all kinds of things here, even a crime scene).
  • Controlled by 40 computers.
  • 200 cameras control the premises.
  • Day and night lighting simulator.
  • 300,000 computer-controlled LEDs

The Miniatur Wunderland has a pretty darn impressive list of numbers, from track length to the number of traffic signals. They are opening an airport this year, which has taken 2.5 years to build. If you are not impressed after watching the video, seriously, I don't know what will. Oh, wait, I know: This cool model even has a fully working model whorehouse, casinos, and a secret underground base.

The attention to detail is obsessive to say the least. All framed by the sweet poetry of stilted translation: “see wild animals/and other very shy herds/and above all you examine the life like it is real”.

The wunders also include thousands of model cars, hundreds of thousands of lights, and scenes recreated from busy harbors to red light districts to football matches to hauling a body out of a river, across countries including the US, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

View more cool pictures on the Wunderland Website

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