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Monday, April 25, 2011

Best cheese in the world

We discovered this particular Dutch goats cheese at a cheese tasting event a year or so ago.  It's the best best best cheese I ever tasted.  The goats feed on land that has a lot of salt in it, so the cheese is salty but also milky.  It's a delightful combination.
Hasse was in the city the other day and made a special trip to the shop that sells it, bless him.  :)  The shop is called Gamla Amsterdam at Hornsgatan 39B.  http://www.gamla-amsterdam.se/
It's called Wijngaard Chèvre Affiné.  It's the one on the left.  We don't eat it with crackers.  That would take too much attention away from the taste of the cheese.  Lovely.
A goat’s cheese made by a specially selected, small-scale cheese dairy. It works with traditional drainage pots where the curds and whey are naturally separated – this ensures maximum respect for the beneficial components in the cheese, w hich are important for later development of the taste during the maturing process. The maturing process of this goat’s cheese is lengthy and slow (four months) and takes place in special caves. In this way a special goat’s cheese is created: soft, with a full taste, creamy and very accessible’’.

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