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Monday, April 25, 2011

25 tips to Avoid Getting Adsense Account Disabled

Though there are many Google Adsense alternatives and other monetizing ways but Google Adsense is best and mostly trusted by many blogger and webmasters.Still today many publishers thinks that without Adsense there is no online life because Adsense ads are more relevant to content and pay them at right time.After I searching online about what publishers think about Adsense,I found many positive posts and comments and some negative feedback from bloggers and webmaster complaining that their Adsense account got disabled without any reasons etc.So,I wrote below few tips to Avoid  Google Adsense Account Termination.
1. Before adding ads in you blog or website,create a Privacy Policy Page
2. Don’t click your own Ads to earn few cents or experiment whether ads are working or not
3. Write your own content,don’t copy because recently Google Adsense announced that copy and paste content sites and auto generated content site’s Adsense accounts will be terminated
4. Don’t post Content related to Adult, Weapons, Illegal, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Casino,Racial, Hacking,Null Downloads,  etc..
5. Don’t link to any Adult, Weapons, Illegal, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Casino,Racial, Hacking, Null Downloads sites
6. don’t join in Traffic Exchange Programs Ex.Autosurf ,paid to click,paid to surf Programs etc..
7. Don’t add Google ads in Pop-ups and Emails
8. Don’t ask your visitors click your ads
9. Don’t Alter Adsense Ad Code
10. Don’t use Click Bots because Google can easily find out.
11. Say no to Made For Adsense Websites.Never use Adwords for this types of websites to earn more money.
12. Don’t reveal your eCPM and CTR and I too recommend you not to reveal your google Adsense income.
13. Don’t advertise your website ,where you can get in-organic traffic like PTC sites etc..
14. Before adding ads make sure your site is fully constructed.Google will ban ‘Under Construction’ sites
15. Don’t comment on forums and blogs requesting them to clicking ads
16. Don’t stuff too many keywords in a post that too high paying keyword
17. Avoid Competitive Ads.
18. Don’t use misleading labels for ads.You can use labels for ads as ‘Sponsor ads or ‘Advertisement’
19. Never place more than three ad units or link units on a web page and no more than 2 search boxes
20. Don’t create different publisher accounts for different websites.Single account is enough for all websites and blogs.
21. Never add ads in web pages without content
22. Don’t display ads in a floating box
23. Avoid hidden text or hidden links on your web pages
24. Post quality content because content is king
25. Lastly Please be updated with Adsense because they regularly change policies.You can visit Google Adsense blog for new updates
Finally I don’t think this list is completed because day by day many people’s create new ideas to generate clicks.If i missed any points here please comment it i will add in this list.

Read more: http://www.nitchiworld.com/2011/01/25-tips-avoid-adsense-account-disabled/#ixzz1KYL5M8MM

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